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PFA chairman calls for more education on gambling for footballers

"To say it is rife, yes I think it is an issue. Hopefully this is an opportunity where we can address the issue. "For some, there is very easy access to gambling and it will start off as a harmless hobby and then manifests itself as something that is a lot more serious. "The way to tackle the problem is education. We are now getting people to go into clubs and educate the players of the pitfalls and possible issues so they can recognise when there might be a problem.

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Gambling, the NFL's cover-up for all its current problems

raidersratto.jpg The general rule, though, is, if you’re going to use eight pitchers, at least six need to be really good. The hitting and fielding ... ahhh, that’s tomorrow’s narrative donkey.     Raiders-Oakland relationship reaches endgame with reported lawsuit It seems perfectly Oakland and Raiders that both entities are celebrating the end of their long association in the traditional way. By saying it with lawyers and hatred, as God intended. According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Matier and Ross, the Oakland City Council has authorized the filing of a nine-figure antitrust lawsuit against the NFL and the Raiders over their impending departure to Las Vegas, a move that might hasten the team’s departure to as soon as the end of the current season. In short, you might not have to miss Khalil Mack for as long as you thought you would. The suit hasn’t been filed yet (apparently three outside law firms are tidying up the language and promising to pay any up-front costs in exchange for leading the suit), but the Raiders have allegedly told Oakland Alameda County Coliseum Authority executive director Scott McKibben, who has been working to finalize the Raiders’ latest lease extension (which could take them through 2019 and maybe even 2020) that they won’t sign anything if the lawsuit is filed. “They told me we might as well take the contract and rip it up,” McKibben was quoted as saying Tuesday. It isn’t immediately clear what is actually at stake here, given the years of posturing between the two sides, but Oakland councilman Noel Gallo suggested that the city could win damages of up to $500 million.

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