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Lansing officials crack down on illegal gambling, passes ordinance

Lansing has been working for months to shut down multiple gambling operations. The city hasn't been able to do anything because technically there was no ordinance against it and the state doesn't have the manpower to investigate. City officials say they now have the power to shut down illegal gambling establishments. “We have these establishments sprouting up all across the city so it was actually a request of the chief you know to actually create a local ordinance that local authorities could use to enforce”, said third ward Councilmember Adam Hussain. This week the Lansing City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the act of playing, dealing or operating games of chance in exchange for anything of value like money, credit or property. News 10 has been following the development of the ordinance. Earlier this month Cryss Walker sat down with Councilmember Hussain to talk about the issue of illegal gambling in the city. “We have two on South Waverly and we have one in Logan Square”, said the councilman. “We have one on Southland behind McDonalds that's on South MLK. We have another one further down on South MLK that's across the street from the old Metro Bull.” The ordinance bans any game played with cards, dice, machines and computers.

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